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The wide range of activities and experiences offered at NYA will empower your child to get out of their comfort zone and learn something new. Our special staff and incredible facilities means everyone gets the

chance to exercise their brains and their bodies. 



During school holidays and days off NYA offers micro versions of our popular Summer Camp.

NYA is all about FUN –

sports, games, team challenges, and obstacle courses!

Price: $65/day

For early dismissal days students can take the bus from NPS to NYA! We intentionally cap attendance to ensure a smaller group setting where students can create fun arts and crafts projects and of course…run and get their daily dose of physical activity.

Price: $45/day


Spring Break is almost here! 


Give your kids an exciting experience with NYA’s Spring Break Camp. From sports to arts and crafts, our camp offers a variety of activities designed to keep kids engaged and entertained during their time off from school.


Who: Boys & Girls grades K - 6

Day: Monday - Friday

Dates: 04/15/24 - 04/19/24

Time: 9am – 4pm

Camp Photo 1.jpg


NYA's Summer Camp is all about PLAYING! Days are filled with sports, games, fun physical activities, and just good 'ol FUN!


Our indoor sports & recreation facility allows us to run an "all day gym class" for our campers, playing endless games on our turf field and basketball courts.


We make sure to take advantage of the summer sunshine and will get outside for lunch in our beautiful courtyard, have weekly Water Days, and take our games outside on the campus green space.


Our staff cultivates an environment of teamwork and good sportsmanship, because we understand our role in being a foundational piece to the overall youth development in our community.

Who: Boys & Girls grades K – 6
Day: Monday – Friday

Time: 9am – 4pm


Newtown Schools, Allstar Transportation, and the NYA have coordinated to provide transportation from the Newtown Public Schools to the NYA again this year. This is a great service for students and families. We are grateful for the partnership between the organizations that allow this to be possible. Here are a couple important pieces of information to be aware of when utilizing this service.

Elementary and Reed Schools:


•A note must be sent from home, to school, which states that your child will be dropped off at NYA.The note must include the program they are attending and the dates.

•Children take their regular bus but get off at the NYA which is the last stop.  

Middle and High Schools:

•Middle School and High School students who have an NYA membership or are registered for an NYA after school program (scheduled immediately following school dismissal) can utilize the daily bus transportation.

•Please note that for liability reasons and lack of waiting area, we cannot accommodate the supervision and hosting of early drop-offs for programs starting later in the day, or that are being run by another organization.

•If student members are coming to the NYA for Open Gym Basketball, it is important to regularly check the availability of the basketball courts at We do our best to provide as much Open Gym time as possible, but as the schedule gets busier in the colder months, the time becomes more limited.

•We remind students after-school that there is no food in the gym/courts and no outside food (or ordering delivery of food) to the facility.

•Due to the volume of people in the gym during the after-school period, if student’s backpacks do not fit in a locker, they will be held in a room off-of the main lobby. We are not responsible for individual’s belongings and encourage the use of a locker with one’s own personal lock.

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